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31 May 2010 @ 02:04 pm
Last Sunday, Joy Galeotti, the writer/producer for The Notebook Musical, brought the cast (and some production personnel) down to the Tuscan Grill for a social/work get together. The group took over the outdoor patio area and spent several hours talking, sipping wine and dining on various appetizers. I'm told that the food was "excellent" and that Nancy and her staff did a fantastic job of keeping up with this sizable musical company.

All in all, the group had a very productive first meeting and they extend many thanks to the Tuscan Grill!!

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A great article regarding The Notebook! This article is linked on The Notebook's official site home page.

..... Well, look what I read today. The Notebook is going to be a musical. And it doesn't have Cameron or Disney or even any New York Producers behind it. An actress fell in love with it, probably watched it more often than my friend, and convinced the powers that be to give her the rights. All because of her passion.

And she's doing a workshop in October with the hopes that it will be the first step to a Broadway production.
You know what else is cool? Just like White Noise, the workshop isn't at The Old Globe or La Jolla or any of the usual tryout spots. Oh no, they are doing this tryout at a community theater in North Carolina.

It's "Give Props" week here at The Producers Perspective. Yesterday, Hair, and today, Bethany Joy Galeotti, the girl who got The Notebook.

Read the rest of the article here !

09 August 2009 @ 11:21 pm
Bethany Joy Galeotti and Ron Aniello have found their cast for the October workshops!

Please check website for updates. Thank you!

Last month when news of the musical first broke out Galeotti had this to say about the auditioning process:

"I think there's a lot of talented people here," Galeotti said. "I'm just excited to see who we get to come in and audition. And I just can't wait to get the actors in the room and really work with them on these characters and see what happens."

Actors willing to audition will not get paid, she says, but she hopes it'd draw performers with hopes of making it big in Broadway. She has the same hopes, too. >>>One Tree Hill: Bethany Joy Galeotti Takes On 'The Notebook'

We've all been holding our breath that at some point in time former real-life lovers and on-screen love interests, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, would once again reunite, professionally at least.
So when rumors began circulating that they were making the film into a musical, we anxiously exhaled. Finally, we might be able to see them playing lovebirds Allie and Noah all over again! (We were so excited, in fact, that we even came up with a list of "Notebook" scenes that we think could be easily turned into showstopping numbers.) But, leave it to Rachel to dash our hopes and dreams that she doesn't think she'll be back for more "Notebook" action.
"Yea I know. I just heard this," she told MTV News while promoting her upcoming tearjerker "The Time Traveler's Wife." She also revealed that even though she "wasn't invited to play the lead character," she's still excited to see it.
She does, however, think that Ryan certainly has the chops to tackle a musical. We mean, he is releasing an album this fall. "He can sing. He could do it actually," she said, saying that she can't belt a tune, but does have a talent that may lend itself to another kind of "Notebook" adaptation. "If they do 'The Notebook' on ice, yes. That's next!" she joked  >>>Hollywod Crush


Do you think Bethany should consider Ryan as a possible candidate for Noah?

09 August 2009 @ 10:55 pm

This could either be really bad or really spectacular. Judging by the people behind the project, we don't see any Tony's in it's future, though!

The sappy lovefest known as The Notebook is being turned into a musical by the genius minds of Bethany Joy Galeotti, who plays Haley on One Tree Hill, and Ron Aniello, who's a mediocre record producer. What either of them know about creating a Broadway show could probably fill a thimble, but, hey - got to do what you got to do.

The project is still in the early stages of development as a workshop based in Wilmington, North Carolina. In fact, if you live in the area and are interested in flaunting your theatrical chops, they are holding auditions in the first two weekends of August.

Be forewarned aspiring Broadway babes- there is no pay, and this is most likely a ploy to get investors to move production to New York. However, everybody needs a start so CLICK HERE for their website and more details.

Would U see a musical based on The Notebook?

Wold u see THIS ONE?

The Notebook Returns - As A Musical!

09 August 2009 @ 10:41 pm


Visit www.thenotebookmusical.com to get all the news about Galeotti and Aniello’s musical production.


Galeotti & Aniello are a new composing team with the distinct honor of presenting the first-ever Live Theatrical Workshop of a new musical based on Nicholas Sparks' "The Notebook".  This is a preliminary step toward an eventual opening in New York .  The test / workshop is intended to assist the creative team in visualizing, editing and critiquing the play. This is a community theatre TEST.

 Musical style for The Notebook ranges from American wartime standards and traditional musical theatre pieces to bluegrass and gospel. 

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Despite her current career path, Galeotti says she couldn’t ignore her first love anymore after watching the “The Notebook” and reading the novel.

“It was something that I just wanted to do as my own project,” she said. “I just thought, ‘Man this will be so great. I just have to get this out. I feel music attached to this story and I have to write this music out and I have to make it into a play. And whether anything happens to it or not, I just have to get it out creatively for myself.’ ”