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08 August 2010 @ 02:19 pm
Bethany Joy Galeotti & 'The Notebook Musicals' New Site!  
Galeotti stars as Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill, which will start its 8th season this fall.

One of America's most beloved romance novel's and film is further becoming a 3-D experience for those of us who fell oh so in love with the Nicholas Sparks New York Times Best-Selling book The Notebook. The story that won our hearts has been transformed into a musical production by One Tree Hill's triple threat leading lady Bethany Joy Galeotti, and now a brand new official website has opened for it giving us even more access to this exciting new side of the story that presents a kind of love even a skeptic couldn't deny!

Galeotti debuted a workshop of the The Notebook Musical last fall at a theater in Wilmington, NC, and since then she has been on as what she describes a great and fun journey in order to present to audiences a new experience with this classic story, while still maintaining Sparks' special message. “We want to make sure that what we put out there as the final product is really honoring to the story and especially to Nicholas Sparks and his family because that story was very close to his family”, says Galeotti on the process of writing the musical.

Galeotti, who herself is a singer and has had her own-written songs featured on One Tree Hill, says that she and her co-writer for the musical, Grammy-nominee Ron Anniello, did not want to just take the book and add music. They wanted to give people something fresh with this powerful love story and further enhance its experience.

“We just feel like god has a story here that touches people's hearts and we feel like it's just love that gets to be poured out on people through this story”, Galoetti says. “We don't want to get in the way of the that. We just want to help lift it up. We're excited!”

As are we! The new site features new updates on the musical, personal notes from Galeotti and Anniello, as well as exclusive photos from the workshop. Along with the photos are descriptions of the scenes with songs in them. “We really love our music”, says Galeotti on the score they recently finished writing.

For all the info on this this highly-anticipated and what is sure to be amazing musical production, check out its official website here!