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31 May 2010 @ 03:08 pm
bethany joy galeotti on the examiner.com  
Bethany Joy Galeotti discusses her career on One Tree Hill, Everly and The Notebook Muiscal.


How is work on The Notebook going? How was the process of taking such a popular novel and film, and turning into a musical?

Bethany Joy-It was a great process. It was a lot of fun. We took it very seriously because we really didn't want to duplicate something that's already been done. We didn't want to just take the movie and add music. We didn't want to just take the book and add music. We wanted to create something that was new for our audience so that when they see it they feel like they're experiencing a classic story in a new way, they feel like they're seeing something for the first time. And that was definitely a challenge because we really do respect so much the work that was done in the film and we wanted to honor that without trying to duplicate or copy, so it's been a really great process.

Ron Aniello my friend and co-writer, who just got nominated for a Grammy this past season so that was really exciting for him, he's just really talented, so we got together and we just started writing and said you know let's just go on this journey together and see where it takes us. And even at this point, where we're at, we're still talking to producers. We want to make sure we don't rush into anything. We have a lot of people that are interested but we need to make sure that we're not just rushing an unfinished product because it'd be great to get it out you know, because everybody wants to see it. We want to make sure that what we put out there as the final product is really honoring to the story and especially to Nicholas Sparks and his family because that story was very close to his family. So it's been great, it's been a lot of fun. We really love our music. We just finished our score and we're doing re-writes on the script right now and just trying to beef up some of the older storylines from our workshop, which is why we had the workshop just for us to kind of watch it and see what we had. And we'll be moving forward from here.

I really hope we get to see it on stage in New York soon!

Bethany Joy-I hope so, too! And there's so many options you know. Maybe it doesn't go straight to Broadway, a lot of shows go on a national tour before they go overseas first. So we have a lot of options right now. We're trying not to rush any decision making. We're just not in any rush. We're enjoying the journey and we've been learning so much about each other and ourselves, our abilities. We just feel like god really has a story here that touches people's hearts and we feel like it's just love that gets to be poured out on people through this story. We don't want to get in the way of that. We just want to help lift it up. So we're excited!


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